Gary Schumann\n Economic and Commercial Officer \n

\nTable 3: Sources and Destination of FDI \n

\n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n
Direct Investment From\/in Counterpart Economy Data \n \n
From Top Five Sources\/To Top Five locations (US Dollars, Millions) \n \n
Inward Direct Investment \n Outward Direct Investment \n \n
Total Inward \n $26,574 \n 100% \n Total Outward \n $19,233 \n 100% \n \n
Kuwait \n $7,442 \n 28% \n Kuwait \n $5,299 \n 28% \n \n
Saudi Arabia \n $6,522 \n 25% \n India \n $4,475 \n 23% \n \n
Libya \n $3,348 \n 13% \n United\u00a0 States \n $1,266 \n 7% \n \n
United Arab Emirates\u00a0 \n $2,282 \n 9% \n Cayman Islands \n $1,251 \n 7% \n \n
Cayman Islands \n $1,742 \n 7% \n Egypt \n $726 \n 4% \n \n
“0” reflects amounts curved to +\/- USD 500,000. \n \n \n \n

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Cash advance alternative might be a significantly better deal, but has its risks that are own

Pay day loans target customers without any credit or low fico scores. These high-interest loans vow quick cash before the paycheck that is next in, but frequently they create dangerous cycles of the latest loans to repay the old people, draining funds and pressing borrowers ever deeper into poverty.

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Two preaching leaders together with 'betrayal' that tore them aside

Alpharetta, Georgia (CNN) -- Andy Stanley wandered into their pastor's workplace, filled up with dread.

The minister sat in an enormous seat behind a desk that is enormous. He distribute their hands over the desk just as if he had been bracing for battle. Their assistant scurried from the workplace when she saw Andy coming.

The pastor had baptized Andy as he had been 6, and groomed him become their successor. However a personal injury had gone general public.

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A Story — Rainbow that is short Party. What, oh just exactly what, is occurring to your globe?

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I became utterly appalled by this whenever I discovered it’s quite a common event with kids these days about it, but sadly. Because are ‘friends with benefits’. This latest event in BC is certainly not a separated occasion — these kinds of assaults appear to be occurring more often. The undoubtedly sickening component it, photograph it and then distribute it for me is that there are bystanders who film. To increase the yuck element may be the knowledge there are numerous, many individuals that will search these annoying pictures away, intentionally, then pass it on to buddies as if it had been absolutely nothing.

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