Meet Your Maker: Leah Nguyen sets her soul — and yours — into her paintings

The Seattle artist utilizes religious guides to produce kaleidoscopic portraits.

In this in-camera dual publicity, musician Leah Nguyen is photographed in her own garden, juxtaposed against certainly one of her heart portraits. Photographed Feb. 27, 2020. (Matt M. McKnight/Crosscut)

Whenever Leah Nguyen gets commissioned to paint someone’s soul, her procedure is measured and precise.

Meet Your Maker is a fresh number of quick interviews with neighborhood music artists, showcasing the vast and vibrant selection of individuals making work that is creative the Pacific Northwest. Watch out for a brand new meet the manufacturer meeting within the Crosscut arts and tradition area every week.

First, she gets an expression for the customer, in a choice of individual or by examining a photograph. Then, she asks an united group of character guides a collection of yes or no concerns regarding every information of her artwork. She starts in the center and moves outward, incorporating forms and color to generate a geometric, pastel mandala.

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