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Features that matter to you personally, including lower

Real estate just got easier

Trying to get home financing

Doesn’t need to be stressful.

Hey honey. Want that house we get moving better.

Okay Dad, I’m currently onto it.

Bank of America’s Digital Mortgage helps it be

Easy and simple to utilize for your mortgage on line

As well as on your own time.

You’re have to these. A lot is had by us

Of material to print away.

Reduce paperwork and save yourself time each step regarding the

Method. You are able to review loan choices and choose

Shutting costs to reduce monthly premiums.

We can’t find my vehicle secrets. Perhaps you have seen them?

I’ll be appropriate here.

At any point, it is possible to save yourself the job for later on.

Oh great. I would ike to grab my coat, we’ll run to your bank

And discover whatever they have to give you.

Need not Dad, we’re good.

Honey the prices are low at this time we ought to attempt to

Lock it in if we could.

It can be done by us at this time.

Get for which you left down also for a various device

And secure your price to prevent the possibility of rising prices,

Or leave it open and lock later on.

Alright but just what when you yourself have concerns?

I will communicate with a financing professional if i would like.

You’re in control each step for the method.

Well, that’s it.

Wow, very first household. That actually is one thing.

I really couldn’t have inked it without you Dad.

Whenever life gets complicated, Bank of America helps

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Narrator: trying to get home financing doesn’t need to be stressful…

Father: Hey honey. Want that house we better get movin.

Daughter: Okay Dad…I’m currently about it.

Narrator: Bank of America’s Digital Mortgage causes it to be easy and simple to utilize for your mortgage on the internet and in your time.

Father: You’re gonna need these. We now have a complete large amount of material to print down.