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Postmodernity has, nevertheless, introduced a entire complex of destabilizations that, Thomas B. Byers contends,

Pose threats in to the continued presence for the reified subject of bourgeois humanism and compulsory heterosexuality, in addition to into the privileged web web site of the subject’s being and protection: the nuclear family members. The original topic, specially the masculine subject is within the throes of a identification crisis, leading to severe masculine anxiety. (6-7)

Inside the social context of postmodernity, masculinity was, to an extent, denaturalized and decentered, in addition to abyss in the centre of subjectivity hidden in the original coherent male ego has been exposed. 4 Whereas fetishization of women’s systems in traditional narrative cinema might have fixed the issue of intimate huge difference when it comes to male spectator, absence just isn't therefore effortlessly projected onto an Other in posthuman cyborg movies. Right Here the technofetish simultaneously masks and testifies to contemporary lack that is male. It facilitates the disavowal of anxiety due to the possibility and partially knew destabilization of white, heterosexual masculinity since the main and standard identification in a quickly changing postmodern culture that is western. This male shortage comes about given that results of social modifications, including challenges to a humanism that put the white heterosexual guy during the center from feminist, post-colonial, and queer discursive quarters.